Easy Ways to Differentiate

In order to meet the needs of all of our students, we know we have to differentiate. To do it right, differentiation can seem incredibly daunting and time consuming. But with some tricks, it can get easier and take almost no time at all! Let’s explore three simple yet effective methods for differentiation: task boxes, changes in worksheet formats, and the use of Boom Cards.

Using Task Boxes for Engaging Learning

Task Boxes are versatile tools that can revolutionize your lesson planning. Discover their role in differentiation, from enhancing engagement to accommodating various ability levels. 

The best kind of task boxes are when an entire box can be used during a lesson to meet all your needs.  Try for example finding a set that is focused on the skill you are working on for the day (take addition for example). Then within that task box set, there will be a progression of skills.

You can use these different skills in small groups to teach, you can give it to students for individual work to continue to solidify skills or even use as a progress monitoring tool!

Changing the Format of Worksheets

Adapting worksheet formats can make a world of difference for students with diverse learning styles. It is also an easy way to adapt when you are short on time and need to use a simple worksheet without much prep!

Try some of these examples:

-throw the worksheet in a page protector and use white board markers 

-write the answers on small papers, cut them out and have students glue them on

-add in students names or interests to the worksheets to get them more engaged

-use Snap & Read, an app that makes worksheets more accessible

Harnessing the Power of Boom Cards for Interactive Learning

Explore the digital realm with Boom Cards—an invaluable resource for differentiation. Uncover the advantages of these interactive cards and witness how they cater to different learning needs. Boom Cards are great because there is ZERO prep other than just assigning decks to students. 

You can have all 20+ kids in your class working on the exact skill they need, collecting data, and being engaged with little prep work by you! Students find Boom Cards fun because they get to do them on an iPad or computer and they are much more engaging than a simple worksheet. Want to try some out? Check out these math ones or these phonological awareness ones.

As we wrap up, remember the power these easy differentiation methods hold. Task Boxes, modified worksheet formats, and Boom Cards collectively contribute to an inclusive and effective learning environment. Tailor them to your classroom, experiment, and witness the positive impact on student engagement and understanding.

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