Meet Abby

My name is Abigail Moehringer (Mrs. Moe for short) and I’m the face behind Mrs. Moe’s Modifications! I’ve been a Special Education Teacher since 2012, and it’s my hope that you will find tools + materials that make your life easier while also helping your students learn & grow!

My Story

I have always wanted to be a teacher- bringing extra worksheets home and making my little sister be my student! I cannot imagine doing anything else!

I received my undergraduate degree in Childhood Education and Special Education with a math minor (so I tutor high school math as well).  I received my masters degree in Literacy. 

I absolutely love learning, so I continued on to receive my BCBA certificate (Board Certified Behavior Analyst).  I always love to learn and I feel as though there is always more to learn!

I teach in an integrated co-taught classroom and I specialize in reading and working with behaviors. I have a passion for helping students as well as teachers become confident in their skills of teaching reading and behavior.