Boom Cards in the SpEd Classroom

It can seem daunting to always be meeting all of your students’ needs.  When there are different IEP goals, learning styles, and therapies that need to be considered- it can be overwhelming to adapt learning materials as well.  That is why Boom Cards are a game changer in the IEP classroom and can make life for you so much easier.

Understanding Boom Cards in Special Education

Boom Cards, with their interactive nature, offer a versatile toolset for educators. From catering to diverse learning needs to adapting to various skill levels, these digital cards provide a dynamic platform for tailored instruction. 

Customizing Boom Cards for Individualized Learning:

One of the strengths of Boom Cards lies in their flexibility. Educators can customize content to match the unique needs of each student, aligning seamlessly with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Just search for the topic or skill you are teaching, and then assign the deck to your entire class or to individual students.   

Take this phonological awareness set for example.  It is part of a bundle that you can have in your library where you can assign all of the various skills to different students.  Talk about differentiation!

Enhancing Engagement and Interactivity

Boom Cards bring an engaging dimension to learning through interactive elements such as drag-and-drop, audio cues, and instant feedback. The gamified aspects of Boom Cards can motivate students, transforming learning into an enjoyable experience.  Instead of engaging in an escape maintained behavior when presented with a worksheet (like refusal or ripping it up) students will be excited to play a ‘game’!

Monitoring Progress and Collecting Data

There are so many built-in tracking features of Boom Cards for effective progress monitoring. This means students complete the deck, you have the data to help inform your teaching and provide progress monitoring data for IEP goals! 

As we conclude our exploration of Boom Cards in special education, it’s clear that these digital resources offer a wealth of opportunities. From addressing specific challenges to fostering individualized learning, Boom Cards can significantly contribute to creating inclusive and personalized learning environments.

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