Top 5 Tech Tools for Special Education Teachers

You know that we are in an age where technology is not just present, it is vital.  It is important to not only teach our learners how to become digital citizens, it is also critical we embed technology appropriately in the classroom and our teaching.  Here are the top 5 tech tools for a special education classroom.

1. Boom Cards

Remember the days of lock down, (I know, I try not to too), but this is when Boom Cards were a HIT!  They provided so much ease with online learning, that I continued to use them in my classroom once we came back.

Boom Cards make learning fun and engaging.  Decks are interactive with moveable pieces, immediate feedback, and the ability to really engage with the learning process.  Students do not even feel like they are working!

What may be the best feature, is they are completely prep free.  No laminating, cutting, or prepping needed- just download the app and go!  

It is also a breeze to use at home for generalization in new areas as well.  Parents always love to be able to see the learning happening at school, and this is an easy way.

Check out some by clicking here!

2. Google Forms

Google forms are so helpful for many different areas.  One of the most helpful ways to use google forms is to use them to collect behavioral data.  There are many ways to do this, but it can be customized for your individual student.

To make it even easier for your paras to collect data on the same form, make a QR code & give to everyone who works with the child so they too can collect the data. 

3. Ed Puzzle

Ed puzzle has many features, but in the special education classroom- it can provide the ability to reteach or preteach different skills.  The lesson can be recorded by you then uploaded and assigned to students.  Once the lesson is recorded- it can be used for years to come.


Once it is assigned, you can see who watched the video and for how long.  This helps to keep track of students who have watched the lesson as well.


Even better, when students are absent, they can watch these videos while home or when they return and be all caught up!

4. Kahoot!

Kahoot is a fun, engaging game that can be easily used to assess knowledge.  Students can answer questions that is presented to the whole class.  When students answer, you get feedback on who understands the content and who needs additional support.

5. Chatterpix

Chatterpix is a fun, engaging app that can support differentiation.  Take any photo, draw a line and record yourself talking.  The photo then will act like it is talking with whatever you recorded.  


Some ways to use this are: if a student is nervous to give a presentation, have them take a picture of themself of their topic and record what they would say, use it to have students share a joke and build friendships, or even teach other students a topic they are knowledgeable in

Technology is in our everyday world, we sometimes don’t know which apps or websites are best.  These are the top 5 best technology tools you can use as a special educator.

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