Task Boxes for Social Emotional Learning

task boxes for social emotional learning

Social Emotional Learning is VITAL to the success of your classroom.  If students could do well, they would.

When students are having difficulty regulating or understanding their emotions, using a correct voice volume, or engaging in appropriate conversations- chances are they are lacking in skills.

How can you help students as a teacher?  SEL TASK BOXES
These are perfect to use in your room for so many reasons.  Let’s break those down for you…

social emotional learning  task boxes


1. Use in lunch bunch groups

These task cards are a perfect jumping off point for a lunch group.  First up, be sure to laminate and prep all the task boxes.  This makes cleaning up after the group way easier, as well as zero prep time once they are set.

Then, pick one skill to focus on.  It can be a skill that all the students are limited in, or it can be for one student in the group who is struggling.  Having students who are good role models help facilitate the learning of social skills!

Be thoughtful of how you will plan your groups.  Do you want all students who need to focus on the same skill or are role models needed? It is also important to understand the relationships between students.  If some are not getting along, it can be difficult to practice skills.

Finally, make it fun. Students love to have their lunch time to let loose and get some energy out.  When pulling students, be sure to let them still have their free time. Trust me, they will start asking for these task boxes and think of them as games!

2. During morning meeting

Maybe your entire class is struggling with a skill.  Morning meeting is a great time to work on that!  It works as a mood setter to start the day as well as builds relationships.

One great skill to practice during whole group is taking calming breaths.  Sometimes the students who need this the most refuse to practice.  However, when the entire class practices- everyone benefits!

Bonus: Some of your rock star students may keep it together all day only to struggle at home.  By teaching them these regulating strategies, they can apply them in other areas of their lives as well!

3. Before, during, and after a meltdown

These Social Emotional Learning task boxes are key for students who struggle with becoming upset and having meltdowns.  The visuals can be crucial for helping a student return to their baseline.

HOWEVER, this cannot be taught during a meltdown. You need to teach, practice and practice again PRIOR to the meltdown.  Only then can the visuals be used when the student is upset.

But the work isn’t done, sometimes it is good to practice after a meltdown too.  Talking through what happened and practicing the skill again solidifies these skills.

4. During unstructured playtime

So many students struggle during playtime because it is unstructured.  Conversations can be confusing as well as social cues.  This can be a great time to pull out some social emotional learning task boxes.

One idea is conversation starters.  This is a good way to facilitate relationships between peers.  Another is giving compliments.  This can strengthen friendships and bonds.

5. As independent work

Another thing that is great about these task boxes is that some of them can be turned into independent work.  There are task boxes that are errorless learning for both good and poor choice behaviors.  Students can practice their deep breathing, or practice reading scenarios and making a choice of their response.

Social Emotional Learning task boxes are literally life saving in the classroom.  They support all students to help them become more skilled with their relationships, regulating their emotions, and understanding how to build and maintain friendships.

Want a set of your own?

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