Behavior Management Tips for After Breaks

Coming back after a break is like going back in time to the start of the year.

Behaviors that were once extinguished are back in full force, students forget routines of the class and they are seemingly unable to focus for long amounts of time.

On top of all of this, you need to jump right back into the curriculum- right? No time for an adjustment period!

However, if you are constantly putting out little fires during lessons, you are still losing out on the precious time. Let’s stop those fires before they even start!

Here are three behavior management tips to get for after breaks to get your classroom back on track.

Reteach Your Expectations

This can be so frustrating to hear, but it is also so important and the first thing to get your classroom back on track.  

Take the time to tell and show students what you expect from the classroom.  This leaves little room for error and reminds students what they need to be doing.

The best way to do this is as follows:

  • tell students what the routine or expectation is
  • have students model doing it the correct way
  • ask students to point out what their peer did. Were they quiet? Did they walk or run? Did they use the materials the correct way?

OPTIONAL: have a student do the routine the incorrect way and point out what was incorrect with it.

If routines were engrained at the beginning of the year, this will be like a tune up of a well oiled machine.

Students will understand the expectations have not changed.

Stick with your behavior management strategy

You are frustrated, your students are seemingly not the same students you taught before break. You had a great behavior management strategy and now you have to change it all up…

…or do you? 

Try using the same behavior management strategy you used prior to break.  You may need to give reinforcement more often the first few days.  

You may also need to review the rules of the behavior management strategy.

Don’t have one yet? This is a great time to start!

Click here for my favorite classroom management strategy!

Use visuals

Visuals are an easy to implement tool that helps all learners be successful.

​​Are you tired of saying the same thing over….and over…. and over?

What if next time, you give a direction or expectation… pair it with a visual and moving forward you only have to point to the visual.

Make visuals for expectations at the carpet and for lining up.  Visuals can even be schedules to remind students how their day is going to go.

Other visuals can be stop signs to remind students where not to go or to stop when walking in the hallways.

Here are some of my favorite visuals I use in my classroom.

Be sure to use these behavior management tips for after breaks. Good luck!

You got this!

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