Build a Jack-O-Lantern- An Adapted Book


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Number of Pages: 10

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Build a Jack-O-Lantern with this adapted book! This activity can be used to help build language with your students as well as including them in a group carving activity.


Students can choose how they want the Jack-O-Lantern to look. They can also build their own Jack-O-Lantern. This can be used at home or at school!

Even better, there are sheets included that can be used for an entire class with varying abilities! The sheets include sequencing, drawing the Jack-O-Lantern, and filling in sentences about what their pumpkin looks like.


What teachers like you are saying:

This was a fun and engaging way for my students to learn and they loved it. We used it for learning about Halloween, Emotions, Pumpkins, and traditions. Thank you so much!
I used this book to teach the different parts of the jack-o-lantern before creating our own. This was a perfect addition for my limited language students.


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