Episode 3: Incorporating Visual Supports in Teaching: Mini Schedules

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In the latest podcast episode for special educators, we delved into the world of visual supports with a focus on mini schedules. We define what mini schedules are, highlighting their role in providing step-by-step guidance for specific tasks. We dive into the use of mini schedules in various educational settings, emphasizing their versatility across subjects and activities. Additionally, we discuss the importance of customization for individual students, encouraging collaboration with students, parents, and colleagues. Practical tips were also shared on how to seamlessly integrate mini schedules into daily routines, showcasing their positive impact on student engagement and understanding. The episode also emphasized how mini schedules contribute to supporting independence and self-regulation in students, with real-world examples.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Mini Schedules
  • Applicability Across Different Settings
  • Customizing Mini Schedules for Individual Needs
  • Integration into Daily Routines
  • Supporting Independence and Self-Regulation

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