Episode 10: Ten Effective Transition Supports

Check out the full episode to get everything you need to learn about ten effective transition supports in the special education classroom.

In this episode of Autism Academy 360, Lisa explores ten effective transition supports tailored for students with Autism, acknowledging the challenges transitions pose for individuals who thrive on consistency and routine.

From visual schedules and audio cues to transition objects and “check schedule” cards, Lisa discusses a toolkit for easing transitions in various settings. Lisa discusses the importance of matching visuals to individual students’ needs, incorporating reinforcement techniques, and utilizing simplified schedules like first-then boards.

Additionally, Lisa highlights the value of social stories in preparing students for transitions and the significance of appropriate reinforcement levels.

You will want to tune into this episode for some valuable insights and resources for educators and caregivers striving to support autistic individuals in navigating transitions successfully.

Episode Highlights:

  • Transitions can be challenging for autistic children due to difficulties with switching activities and routines.
  • Effective transition supports include visual schedules, audio cues, visual timers, and transition objects to ease the process.
  • Utilize strategies like “check schedule” cards, lanyards with visuals, matching visuals at different locations, and first-then boards to facilitate smoother transitions.
  • Incorporating social stories and reinforcement techniques can further aid in helping students navigate transitions more successfully.

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