May Differentiated Writing Notebook


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Writing can be a challenge for all learners, but it is especially difficult to differentiate writing for students with disabilities. This May differentiated writing notebook makes it so all of your students can demonstrate their knowledge with writing.



No more wasting your time (and money) trying to find various levels of writing each month.



This May differentiated writing notebook comes with everything you need.




  • Four levels of writing prompts
  • Level One: 25 prompts where students are required to cut and paste the words to match the correct order. There is also a picture for students to color.
  • Level two: 25 prompts and tracing for students to copy the sentence prompt. Students draw their own picture.
  • Level three: 25 prompts and students practice copying the sentence independently and illustrate. There are check points at the bottom for students to self monitor their own writing.
  • Level four: 25 different question prompts. Students then practice answering the question posed to them. There is a picture word bank provided as well as a check list to help students self monitor.


✨This is the perfect tool to add to your classroom to support writing for all your studentswithout much prep time required by you!





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