Extended School Year (ESY) ELA Summer Curriculum


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If you are ready to have a stress free summer teaching extended school year (ESY), then this is a must have resource! Spend more time by the pool and less time planning lessons!☀️☀️☀️


✨ Inside this ESY ELA curriculum, you can find a variety of skills that help to target IEP goals while having a fun summer theme! ✨


Check out what’s inside the ESY Summer Reading Curriculum:

  • reading comprehension worksheets (two levels for easy differentiation)
  • letter identification worksheets
  • phonological awareness worksheets (that spans across the continuum)
  • phonics worksheets
  • ABC order worksheets
  • Writing worksheets
  • Vocabulary worksheets
  • Word card activity
  • Letter identification activity
  • Writing notebooks (beach and camping included but can also be purchased separately)


Not teaching ESY? There’s more than one way to use this ESY ELA curriculum:


1. A summer ELA Parent Packet: Send home this extended school year reading curriculum as a summer work packet for families to “extend the school year” by working on skills over the summer.

2. Why wait until summer to start celebrating the sunshine? Have fun with summer themes at the end of the year with the ELA ESY reading curriculum for your last month of school!


And now for the big question I bet you’re wondering about the ESY ELA SUMMER CURRICULUM: Does it pas the prep to poo test?! or better known as “Can I prep for ESY as I drink my morning coffee and be sitting poolside by noon?”


☀️YES!☀️ That is exactly why this easy prep summer ESY curriculum exists! To make your summer mode easier.☀