Episode 4: 10 Types of Visual Schedules for Special Education Teachers

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In this podcast episode, Lisa chats about ten different types of visual schedules that special education teachers can use.  In this episode, Lisa goes over, object schedules, mini-schedules,picture schedules, written schedules, traveling schedules and MORE!  Lisa talks about what they look like and how to set them up.  She even talks about different examples on how you can implement these in your classroom today.  Each type is carefully explained, with practical examples and insights into how they can be tailored to individual student needs.  Lisa stresses the importance of flexibility and personalization, encouraging educators to choose the visual schedule that best suits each student. Overall, the episode serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing visual schedules effectively in special education classrooms.

Episode Highlights:

  • Topic 1: individual schedules
  • Topic 2: 10 unique types
  • Topic 3: Other examples

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