Episode 12: My Favorite Sensory Tools for Autism

Episode 12 Featured Image. Lisa's favorite sensory tools for autism.

Check out the full episode to get everything you need to learn about sensory tools for autism.

In this episode, Lisa goes in-depth about her favorite sensory tools to use for students on the Autism spectrum.  She talks about the importance of ensuring that you are hitting all of the sensory needs of your students, including vestibular input, proprioceptive input, and oral seeking input.  Take a listen to hear about all the different tools that she uses in her classroom.

Episode 12 will give you so many great ideas for sensory tools used for students and children with autism, make sure you’re tuning in to this one!

Episode Highlights:

  • Gross Motor Tools
  • Fine Motor Tools
  • Proprioceptive Tools
  • Vestibular Tools
  • Tactile Tools
  • Visual Tools
  • Auditory Tools
  • Oral Seeking Tools

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