5 Common Classroom Management Mistakes

Without classroom management, teaching academics is next to impossible.  However, when you have a solid and clear plan for managing problem behaviors, your academic achievement will soar.

1. Not setting clear enough expectations

Expectations are crucial in the classroom management set up.  Let’s be clear: rules and expectations are two very different and very important things.  


Expectations are how you would like your students to go through procedures in your classroom. Rules are classroom wide and created together. For example, what you would like them to look and sound like when they line up for lunch.

These expectations should be cleared defined and practiced right at the beginning of the year.

2. Forgetting to reteach

We have to reteach reading or math lessons all the time, and it is second nature to do so.  However, when it comes to behavior this strategy seems to be forgotten.

Reteach those skills and expectations you want your students to display so they know exactly what you are expecting.

3. Not being specific enough with praise

Saying a student did a good job is a good start for classroom management, but what is even better is being very specific.  

If you just had to practice the expectation of how to unpack, praise students by saying something along the lines of “Sue, great job unpacking your backpack so quietly” or “Joe, I loved how you remembered all of the steps to getting upbacked in the morning- geat job!”



4. Not being consistent

As tough as it may be, try to have the same expectations from day to day.  If you vary between allowing students to talk in the halls, but then the next day you do not, this can be confusing for students.

Students thrive in consistency, and having consistent expectations is no exception.


5. Not prioritizing relationships

Relationships are the single most influential thing in your classroom management.  When students like and trust you, they know you have their best interests at heart.  This means, they will be more willing to follow the rules and expectations.


Relationship building should be the number one priority from day one to develop.  Without relationships, the rest of your classroom management strategies will be ineffective.



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