Episode 21: 4 Behavior Tips You Can Do This Summer

Check out the full podcast to learn everything you need to know about what you can do this summer to prevent behaviors in the fall.

In this podcast episode, we are talking about 4 things you can do this summer to change behaviors in the fall. First and foremost, establishing clear routines and expectations is essential. Abby will give you some exact steps to take other than just having clear rules so you can have a plan from day one. She’ll also talk about visuals and which ones you need ready for day one of school. By preparing these materials in advance, educators can save time and facilitate smoother transitions during the school year. 

She also talks about how creating an environment can impact a student and gives suggests of what to look for. Lastly, reviewing and understanding individualized education plans (IEPs) is imperative for effectively implementing accommodations and ensuring student success. She will give some easy tips to easily facilitate this information to all staff working with a student.

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