Autism Behavior Consulting

Did you know that you can not only get great information here on the blog, but I also do behavioral consulting? Being a behavior specialist has given me so many opportunities to help many students and teachers.  I love to work directly with teachers and teams to teach about evidence-based strategies for challenging behaviors.

If you have students who have autism spectrum disorder or developmental disabilities, let’s work together!

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Licensed Behavior Analyst, I use the principles of applied behavior analysis in conjunction with neuroaffirming principals to improve the lives of individuals with autism as well as those adults working directly with them.

My goal is to give teachers the strategies and skills to implement evidence-based practices to build their confidence to work with students with challenging behaviors.

What Autism Behavior Consulting may look like in your school

Depending on the location of your school, consulting may look different. I offer a variety of options to choose from! We can work together with students who have a diagnosis of autism or those who just struggle with behaviors in your classroom.

My ultimate goal is to support and help individuals like you as much as possible. Read below for several different ways I can support you and your team.

Virtual Professional Development 

Want professional development for a staff or team of teachers? We can easily develop a professional development training specific to your school and present it virtually.

This allows more people to hear the information and allows us to work together no matter how far away we live! We can talk about the unique needs your school has and create professional development that is going to support you and your staff.

The benefit of virtual PD is that you can have more people hearing the same message. This tends to lead to a more collaborative approach, which is going to create the best outcomes for both your students and your team.

I do professional developments that aren’t just for teachers, but can include occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, paraprofessionals and more! Anyone working with the student can benefit from hearing the same information. 

Additionally, having a multidisciplinary approach will provide the most thorough plan for a student. Working together to bring all of the different expertises can help to determine the most effective intervention.

Topics we can cover include (but are not limited to)

why behavior occurs and how to stop it

  • interventions to implement before behavior occurs
  • how to create effective behavior intervention plans
  • specific skill development
  • why inappropriate behaviors happen in the first place

If this sounds like something your school needs, send me an email at or check out my consulting page 

Virtual Behavioral Consultants 

Maybe you have just one student that is having some behavioral challenges. Maybe they are disrupting the entire classroom and you need some effective strategies you can use right now.

We can set up a virtual behavioral consultation to discuss interventions and behavior plans for this specific student. Please note this will not result in a full behavior intervention plan due to the nature of a virtual consultation.

We will talk about prior interventions, what has and has not worked, and come together to give you actionable steps in stopping the behavior that has taken over your classroom.

Some things we can talk about are different suggestions to change the environment to prevent behavior, troubleshoot why the behavior is occurring, and discuss how to collect data to truly see if the interventions are working or not.

The amount of time we meet can be based upon your specific situation and can be discussed further.

In-Person Behavioral Consultants

Live near the Syracuse, NY area? Let’s work together in person! 

I love to go into schools, observe students, and work with adults to create a high quality intervention plan. We will work on implementing antecedent interventions, otherwise known as stopping a behavior before it even occurs. As well as make a plan for what to do when behaviors do happen.

In person consultations are very helpful because I can easily see the behavior happening in various settings and see how the environment is also impacting student behavior.

If you have significant behavior in your classroom and need to get the behavior stopped yesterday, then this is the way to go. We will work together to collect data to be sure the treatment programs are working and focus on new skills to teach your student to replace those problem behaviors.

We will work together to ensure generalization of skills across different the entire school day, so they aren’t just successful in your classroom but in every area of their day.

We also know that academics and the difficulties associated with them can play a crucial role in behaviors (whether it is increasing them or decreasing them).

Having been a special ed teacher for over a decade, I will give you tips on how to make academics less of a trigger for students and how to do so without adding another 10 things on your to do list.

We will work together to implement strategies as well as give you resources to do so. It will be a combination of materials and knowledge supports.  Reach out now if this sounds like what you need!

How to Get Autism Behavior Consulting in your school 

If you are interested in autism behavioral consulting, then talk with your administrator or reach out with any questions. My contact email is

You can also send them my consulting website for more information which is  I would love to hop on a discovery call with you to discuss the needs of your students more!

reach out now!

I look forward to getting to work with you and getting your students to their fullest potential. Together we can use the science of behavior to create meaningful changes for both you and your students! 

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